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iLite™ Cook & Bake Stevia

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With many concerns of sweeteners not be able to fully replace sugar without changing the look and taste of food, iLite™ created a sugar free blend of low glycemic response.

A selection of natural ingredients were carefully sourced to create this 1-to-1 sugar replacement blend. iLite® Cook & Bake was crafted to allow for a sugar free baking and cooking experience, providing healthier alternatives to your favourite products.

With structural and functional properties designed to behave just like sugar; it ensures that the characteristics imparted from sugar like the structure, moisture and yield of desserts, baked goods and cooked food are not compromised. Who’s to say that healthy food shouldn’t taste this good?

  • Sugar free
  • 40% less calories as compared to sugar
  • Low glycemic response
  • Suitable for type 2 diabetics*
  • Halal certified 

*When used together with other low GI ingredients such as wholemeal flour etc

Ingredients: Maltitol, Erythritol, Stevia leaf extracts (steviol glycosides), Natural Flavorings

350g per pack

Product of Singapore

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