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13 Honey Therapeutic Series - Apple Vinegar Honey

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Apple vinegar honey is a perfect blend of fermented apple juice and natural honey.

Apple vinegar is widely known to bring a whole host of health benefits such as reducing blood sugar.

Combined with honey, its taste evolves into one that’s sweet and tart. It can act as a good alternative for fruit juices and is popular with young children and adults alike.

Studies also revealed that apple vinegar possibly lowers blood cholesterol and supports weight loss because it keeps a person full longer. Also, due to the acetic acid it contains, it supports our body’s absorption of essential minerals from the food we eat. As such, it is perfect for all sorts of uses - direct consumption, cooking, salad dressing, etc.

Available in different sizes: 

  • 250g (SGD 29.00)
  • 850g (SGD 59.00)
  • 1.5kg (SGD 89.00)

Add-ons specials for 850g and 1.5kg: 

Dispenser Kit for SGD 9.90 (U.P: SGD 15.90)

Specially design to fit the 850g and 1.5 kg bottles. Drinking honey can never be easier!


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