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13 Honey Therapeutic Series - Honey Dew Honey

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Honey dew (not to be confused with the fruit) is a rich, sticky liquid secreted by aphids and some scale insects as they feed on plant sap. When their needle-like mouthparts penetrate the phloem of a plant, the pressurised sap shoots into their food canal, forcing the previously ingested sap out the other end. This secreted sap is then collected by the honey bees to be cultivated into honey.

With very high antibacterial potency, honey dew honey may partly destroy or prevent germs from developing even in dilutions of 1:64. Oligosaccharides from this honey have prebiotic activity that aids in promoting healthy digestion.

There is also high concentration of antioxidants in this honey variety. This honey supports general health and wellbeing.

Available in different sizes: 

  • 250g (SGD 34.00)
  • 850g (SGD 69.00)
  • 1.5kg (SGD 109.00)

Add-ons specials for 850g and 1.5kg: 

Dispenser Kit for SGD 9.90 (U.P: SGD 15.90)

Specially design to fit the 850g and 1.5 kg bottles. Drinking honey can never be easier!


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