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13 Honey Therapeutic Series - Royal Honey

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Royal jelly is secreted from the glands in the heads of the worker bees and is fed to larvae and adult queen bees. One of the components of royal jelly is royalactin, which is a single protein that acts as the growth factor which polymorphs a larva into a queen bee.

Royal Jelly is high in antioxidants and is beneficial for general health.

Available in different sizes: 

  • 250g (SGD 29.00)
  • 850g (SGD 59.00)
  • 1.5kg (SGD 89.00)

Add-ons specials for 850g and 1.5kg: 

Dispenser Kit for SGD 9.90 (U.P: SGD 15.90)

Specially design to fit the 850g and 1.5 kg bottles. Drinking honey can never be easier!


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